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Anand Thakkar
Founder & CEO
From the founder’s desk,

If you take a close look at the historic Indian language of Sanskrit, and you try to find the meaning of the word, Sanskar, you will quickly come to realize that Sanskar portrays the occurrence of an auspicious and in most cases a holy ceremony.

Being a custom technology solutions development company based in the holy city of Ahmedabad, India, our roots lies in the basic ideology of serving our customers like Gods. Being a part of a nation, where the national slogan is “Atithi Devo Bhava”, a Sanskrit phrase which translates to “our guest is our god”, we follow the same ideology.

Every customer who comes to us, whether for the first time or a returning customer, we treat them as our guest and take time to understand their goals and ambitions from the project in detail. Understanding the goals of our clients helps us make them our goals which in turn helps us design and implement custom industry specific solutions to address particular and unique needs.

In my experience so far, treating a customer as your own and taking personal care of their needs is a big contributor in the success we have achieved today. Following this ideology throughout our development journey has helped us built a strong national and international presence, and set the customer retention rate as one of the highest in the industry; a staggering 90% of customers have been consistently coming back to us for more than 5 years for technological needs.

All of this is not possible without the support and technical expertise of a highly dedicated, experienced and professional team. Mentioned in the upcoming section are some of our most brightest tech professionals who are always here to address your query and provide you with the most efficient and technologically advanced solution.

Our Team

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