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The largest property real estate marketplace portal in the UAE

Property Finder is the biggest property real estate platform In the UAE. It focuses on providing access to a range of for-sale and rental residential and business properties. The organization wanted to recompile and revitalize its current processes at some stage and they were searching for a top-notch DevOps partner to support them.

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Calm Anxiety & Stress‬ mobile app development – A React Native app that helps deal with daily stress.

App needed to have a development partner that genuinely knew their priorities and held the same market principles, so a very significant element in our partnership was the culture-first strategy. Another significant one was the high communication skills of Sanskar that have helped us to improve the way we operate collectively.

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React native cross-platform for Bank app development.

Sanskar was tasked with creating a React Native-based cross-platform fintech mobile payments program. This case study goes into the project and the benefits of React Native creation in light of the use case in question.

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