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A bit about the project & client.

Sanskar was tasked with creating a React Native-based cross-platform fintech mobile payments program. This case study goes into the project and the benefits of React Native creation in light of the use case in question.

One of Europe’s most common consumer prepaid card alternatives VIBUY, a brand of e-payment professional company. Connected users currently account for 70% of all online traffic in Europe, driving up demand for mobile solutions.

They wanted to create a smartphone edition based on market dynamics and customer demands. It seems normal to replicate all online resources with a smartphone app.

ReactJS was used to create all web creation properties. As a result, React Native was the obvious choice for developing the VIBUY web services mobile app. The project’s ultimate goal was to replicate VIBUY online solutions with a cross-platform smartphone app built with React Native.

A new perspective on finance and payment applications
New Perspective

A new perspective on finance and payment applications

Client was searching for a specialist product development consulting firm to work on a React Native-based cross-platform smartphone app. In comparison to native growth, which has historically been common with large financial institutions, and given that React Native was a pretty recent and still emerging library, the development partner needed to have a deep understanding of cross-platform mobile application development.

The client was assured of our skills and knowledge in React Native development and began working on the project. Sanskar has professional expertise in growth and more than 10 years of experience in online and mobile development.

Criteria for the banking mobile app.

Criteria for the banking mobile app.

Sanskar began the project with a good view of the forthcoming workflow after the first session, where the general production strategy was accepted.

In a cross-platform smartphone framework, we replicated the key features of an existing browser-based web application. Users will also update their account balances, access purchase history, download a new wallet, and access the full-service interface on their mobile devices.

The following Sanskar-developed app features, which are accessible on both Android and iOS variants of the app, are particularly noteworthy:

  • Making a new profile is simple and convenient.
  • Money may be transferred from bank accounts and other e-wallets.
  • Logging in with a touch ID based on your fingerprints.
  • Secure information access inside the app.
  • After a time of inactivity, the app allows you to regain your sleep.
  • Reset authentication details in a safe manner.
Sanskar-designed customized plugins + React Native.

Sanskar-designed customized plugins + React Native.

The Sanskar team was able to grow the React Native platform’s features with customized native components since the framework is constantly evolving and introducing new out-of-the-box approaches to basic functionality requirements.

Some features related to connectivity to mobile device hardware, such as a fingerprint reader solution for Android, were only partially supported by the system. The Sanskar team then created a customized Android plugin for the fingerprint feature, ensuring that it will run on virtually every smartphone on the market.

The cross-platform smartphone application that encompassed the features took less than four months to build. The time frame correlates to the project’s predetermined timeline. The case study demonstrates React Native’s ability to adapt and capabilities for cross-platform smartphone applications.

Best cross-platform apps

React Native demonstrates its worth in the formation of the best cross-platform apps.

React Native shows its worth in the construction of even the most challenging cross-platform apps. This project demonstrated that React Native is an excellent option for cross-platform mobile production, including for large-scale projects.

React Native’s lack of certain out-of-the-box functionality does not make it less appealing to companies looking for sophisticated cross-platform growth.

The rich usability and rapid release of apps built with React Native should attract new customers who are looking for quick and easy cross-platform growth.

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