Roles and responsibilities of an aspiring react native developer

Roles and responsibilities of an aspiring react native developer

16 April, 2021

What is React Native? What does it do?

React Native is a free and open-source mobile software program that can be used to build content on a range of platforms. Facebook is the creator of the system. This architecture essentially enables developers to use React with native platform functionality.

It functions in the same way as React does. This one, nevertheless, does not use the DOM. Serialization, asynchronous, and batched bridge are used to engage directly with context systems in this one. Using the features of a Native Platform, coordination takes place between the interface and the end-device.

It is a wonderful architecture for programming for various platforms with a single code base. It is a fantastic architecture that allows you to code for different platforms with a single script, allowing you to make hybrid apps. This quickens the speed of the job while still lowering the costs. The architecture is entirely Javascript-based and does not use HTML.

A bit about React Native developers

React Native Developers have been in high demand for a number of years. The explanation for this is straightforward: the architecture allows developers to use the same code across different platforms.

This not only reduces the time it takes to deliver an app but also reduces the expense of producing one. However, this is not the only explanation for its widespread use.

The applications created with the platform are nearly similar to native apps, and they can be designed in any way. If you are trying to recruit a React Native Developer, here are some of the positions and duties to look for before making a decision.

Roles & responsibilities of React Native developer

  • Ability to build apps and websites that are extremely sensitive.
  • Bug-finding and bug-fixing abilities.
  • By eliminating the restriction, you can increase the efficiency of a close-to-native program.
  • Ability to retain easily understandable code.
  • Create automation checks to make it easier to test the software.
  • The opportunity to use native APIs for tight integration through all frameworks.
  • The opportunity to turn a React Web App into a React Native App entirely.
  • React native is being used to create new user-facing functionality.
  • Creating interchangeable front-end modules and repositories for potential use
  • Creating high-quality programming from prototypes and wireframes
  • Elements are optimized for optimal efficiency on a wide range of web-capable platforms and browsers.

Skills of React Native developer

  • Object-Oriented Programming skills.
  • Complete understanding of Javascript and the ability to articulate script that is both optimized and functional.
  • Ability to write well enough and easily understandable Javascript code.
  • Knowing of third-party requirements and troubleshooting any dependency problems that might arise.
  • Knowledge of native build software such as Xcode, Gradle, and others.
  • Offline storage, REST APIs, and the document request model are all things you should know.

The knowledge of various tools & technologies –

Designers who work with React Native should be well-versed in a variety of React Native software and technologies.

Redux – It is an open-source Javascript framework for handling database schema.

ESLint — To ensure that the code adheres to JavaScript patterns.

Jest – It is a ready-to-use, zero-configuration framework for checking JS code.

Enzyme – Offers a set of resources that make it easier to evaluate React applications.

Sentry error detection – Used to detect and repair crashes in real time.

Hockeyapp – For real-time accident monitoring, user experience collection, tester management, beta delivery, and more.

Bitrise — For improved business processes and automation.

Non-technical skills of React Native developer

  1. Great communication skills.

It is impossible for humans to avoid making mistakes; it is in their essence. However, the programmers’ problem-solving abilities make them a good option for you. Even if errors are made, how developers handle them will have a significant effect on the project’s results and the other members of the team.

2. Problem solver.

Creating an application necessitates a great deal of collaboration. As a result, strong developers should be able to communicate well with one another. This ability to communicate effectively can help you prevent expensive errors and misconceptions among members of the team. So, when hiring React Native developers, keep an eye out for good contact.

3. Keen for knowledge.

Great developers are constantly on the lookout for creative solutions from others. They do not let their egos get in the way of their success. They are still eager to pick up new skills. So look for these characteristics in the people you wish to recruit.

4. Quality of work.

You should ensure that the jobs and facilities they provide are of high quality. You can review a company’s past work and integrity before hiring them for a project. If required, contact former clients to ask about the performance of the work and how they have performed for them.

Hiring React development company

Now, everybody expects the ‘best of all. Today’s world is a competitive one, and in this cutthroat setting, everybody is looking for the best facilities. In recent years, the market for native applications is skyrocketing in response to the popularity of smartphone apps.

Since native apps are so common, every top React native agency is in high demand all over the world. React Native is a cross-platform application tool that can be used to build a large interface for Android and iOS.

When it comes to identifying a mobile app application, React Native is a must-have. But as choosing the right framework is important, choosing the right development company and the right developer is also important. Sanskar is the leading React native developer company with the best in-house react native developers to offer you the best services.


But it’s all about the duties and expectations of a React Native Developer. Sanskar might be able to assist you if you are searching to hire React Native Developer or some other kind of developer. Sanskar has a committed and seasoned team of developers who can assist you in developing the best applications possible. We hope you found this post to be informative. Also, thank you for sticking with it all the way to the finish.


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