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Customers are still accountable for overseeing their own ServiceNow installation. It includes availability, durability, and efficiency. As the number of people using it grows, so does the need for its features.

It’s challenging to put together an in-house ServiceNow partner team with a wide set of capabilities. With two new updates, every year and a platform that is always growing, and rigorous, discipline and well-organized execution are essential.

Are you still depending on your internal IT personnel to keep your systems up to date? If you answered yes, it’s time to make a change.

ServiceNow is one of the tools that organizations are looking for to help them ease the process and boost productivity. But it is only possible when you cope-up with the changes.

Are you ready for migration to ServiceNow.

The reliable ServiceNow Partner.

Expert team

360-deg support by our expert team

help desk for user

Conventional L1-L3 support, which entails resolving fundamental issues, exploring more complex technical difficulties, and making code changes. And, even L4 support, which covers communicating with it in rare circumstances of platform-side concerns.

Counselling on a solution

Offering help on the features that help you improve the usefulness of your actions and cut costs. Providing guidance on how to improve your business operations. After substantial capability additions, train your users to achieve improved solution acceptance.


User and access management, workflow setup, data quality control, form field adjustments, and other rapid changes are all part of the system management.

Security audits and solutions medical checks

Examine your solution on a regular basis to find and fix flaws before they become a problem.

Evaluating the performance of the system

Identification of negative performance criteria and elimination or sudden resolution of related problems.

development growth

  • Additions of capabilities, and the creation, verification, and incorporation of custom ServiceNow apps.
  • Proposals for migration should be released.
  • New ServiceNow products are being implemented.
  • Interaction with other enterprise applications and value-added activities for your ServiceNow offering.
managed services

How We can help you with ServiceNow Managed Services?

There are plethora of benefits available when you opt for managed services!

so, don’t wait much and get started!

Imagine having better IT administration and less worry while someone else manages and supports your systems in a cost-effective manner. Sanskar provides this through a set of Managed Services suited to the platform.

We tailor our solutions to fit the needs of any size or type of organization. You have complete management and control while yet receiving individualised service.

Get the perfect combination of both by blending the advantages of an in-house team with the efficiency gains of outsourcing.

Sanskar’s offshore and onsite support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can relax and enjoy a streamlined business process.

benifits at glance

Strong Security

Consistent Assistance

We collaborate with you on a regular basis to review your evolving business needs for upgrades or continuous improvement, and we deliver end-to-end solutions that include management, upkeep, and assistance.


Concentrate on the essentials

We allow you to focus on your core operations while we take care of your process automation requirements with our cutting-edge managed services.

We can assist you in identifying the modules that are most appropriate for your needs, as well as adopting a minimum modification and maximum out-of-the-box operational structure to reduce your costs.

Enhanced Performance

Optimized Service Provisioning

Our one-of-a-kind engagement models ensure the best possible deployment, licence cost control, and support.

We keep track of usage, make the most out of the platform, and create procedures to match your company’s needs.

Multiple Languages

Reduction in downtime & interruptions

You can cut the expense of outage and operational disruption by using our managed services. We provide speedy deployment to assist you to achieve your IT objectives and dramatically develop your business.

Quick Unit Testing

Enormous centre of Excellence

Every working day of the month, highly qualified professionals from our Center of Excellence (CoE) performs for your organization to ensure adequate maintenance of business operations.

For efficient performance, choose among interchangeable workers such as Programmer, Admins, Business Analysts, or QA/Testers, to work on your implementations.

Open Source Community

Effective co-operation

MSP does not require additional maintenance, and most firms are unaware that service providers enable efficient work distribution.

Internal teams typically spend more time and cost training and educating themselves, and their expenses are higher than the cost of hiring experts.

To enable transparent engagement between your team and ourselves, our team employs mature project management best practices. There’s no need to supervise our staff because we operate with full accountability.


Services we offer to help you in-all arround development as your ServiceNow partner

Ready to get started?

Choose from the variety of Services we offer and let’s dive in!

so, don’t wait much and get started!

ServicesNow managed services

It has been increasingly crucial as IT service management has become much more essential in technology organizations. All of these procedures are aided by services, therefore engaging in a top management platform is essential for success.

Application support, business analysis analytics, management, technical support, and more are all available through services.

Allowing all of these services to operate together and on your management tool will boost workflow across your company, resulting in a more integrated process.

You can get improved flexibility in all areas of your organization by incorporating these solutions into your enterprise.

what does this include?

Software asset management

Active dictonary automation

Automation testing framework

License optimization

Performance evaluation


ServicesNow implementation

Using our pre-fabricated solutions architecture, you may shift and substitute your present unorganized and ineffective processes with smart and reliable processes in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

To produce the top-notch solution, we can integrate into and cooperate with your relevant stakeholders and managing directors. With industry-standard development and implementation, you may achieve a quick and instant result for your company.

Our strategy to deployment guarantees that industry best practices are followed to support all version updates.

  • Business activities are more efficient
  • Increase the quality of client service
  • Scale your business and react to changing trends
  • Decrese in management expense
  • Elevated conversation and visibility

Seamless ServicesNow integration

To achieve a future-proof merger, integration specialists with extensive business understanding are necessary. Integration details are sometimes overlooked by implementation specialists, resulting in failure.

Enhance your integration requirements with our experienced integration architects and experts, who will contribute their understanding of integrating best practices and principles to the forefront.

Using our pre-built integration platform, we offer SMART integration solutions.

Using a common framework, connectivity with IaaS, SaaS, ERP, legacy systems, and social platforms is possible.

Incorporation of a Smart Assistant (Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant)

Interaction with Authentication Services.


ServicesNow migration

Remove the danger of pursuing an inefficient and susceptible method due to a lack of maintenance for your existing tool or a shortage of inventive updates.

The migration approach not only aids customers in migrating into but also guarantees that the service process and approach are rebuilt in accordance with industry standards, allowing for enhanced service delivery.

when to choose?

when to choose servicesNow managed Services?

Let your staff focus on other productive tasks of your company. Call us now for the efficient managed services.

call us now

You want to keep your systems running smoothly rather than fix them when they break.

You want to comprehend what’s not correct and how to adjust it.

You’re searching for smaller, more focused groups.

Consider the managed services to manage your business if you’re seeking anything similar.

Sanskar is dedicated to assisting organisations like yours in enhancing productivity and embracing digitalization. To take your business to new heights, we employ the reports and dashboards and offer 24×7 assistance.

We integrate our extensive consulting experience with deep platform knowledge to assist our clients to get the most out of their investments. For further information, reach out to us now!


frenquently asked questions

As a component of the licence fee, handles hosting, reliability, efficiency, L1 support, and L2 support. Only a client’s individual setups, integrations, and ongoing updates are their responsibility.

The majority of this managed services’ effort is focused on user operations and continuous improvements. The other component is platform wellness and patch management, which involves keeping up with its security fixes and improvements.

In addition to instance administration, data governance, and administering duties like instance safety and wellness, mature companies have specialized teams.

It is a market-leading issue for high businesses’ service delivery. You will discover the benefits of employing a cutting-edge infrastructure to deliver significantly improved customer service while also enhancing collaboration with your partner if you embrace the program.
For teams new to the platform, we provide training as a part of the induction programme. As processes are transferred into, end-user training is also provided to targeted audiences. We would also like to hear from you if you require stand-alone coaching.
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