You should use Vue Js framework for the upcoming project – Here’s why?

You should use Vue Js framework for the upcoming project – Here’s why?

05 October, 2021


There is no question that Vue JS is gaining in popularity at the moment. According to a study conducted in 2017, 47 percent of developers want to learn this JavaScript platform. The most interesting thing is that almost 90% of programmers who used this platform in the past state they will use it again in future ventures.

Quick fact – Vue.js is one of the most common progressive technologies for designing user interfaces, with over 128,752 stars on GitHub, well outnumbering React and Angular.

Now, we have seen the astonishing stats of this platform. Now, let’s find out why?

Vue is capable of adapting and can effectively be incorporated into large programs for frontend production without posing any external obstacles.

Reasons to choose the VueJS framework. 

That is because Vue has everything that you need to make programming quick and uncomplicated. The easiest thing to consider is the gradual learning curve. Aside from that, Vue is adaptable, lightweight, and scalable.

Vue also has some incredible tools, as well as efficient state control and routing solutions. The architecture allows for incredible production speed thanks to a large range of plug-ins that really can address crucial problems in each program, allowing for cost-effective and quick product design.

The advantages of using Vue.js technologies in web creation are mentioned below.

  1. Saves time

    The Vue CLI, a technology developed and sponsored by the Vue Core Group, is another explanation for Vue’s growing success. It aids in reducing the time spent by designers on the program’s setup process.

    Vue CLI provides a project creator that renders beginning a new project a breeze. It facilitates the development of a specification for a project in a limited amount of time by creating a project using a series of questions on what the project requires.

    Many of the additional features can be later added by the developers via plug-ins. This encourages them to add only the features that are completely required as new specifications arise.

  2. Integration is easy

    Vue.js has one of the strongest integration features for current apps, which explains its enormous success in the tech community.

    Since Vue is based on JavaScript, it can be quickly combined with other JavaScript-based apps. Because of this, it helps you to quickly change current programs as well as build new ones. It is possible because of the already existing materials.

  3. The learning curve is gentle

    A gentle learning curve is the lifeblood of any single creator. HTML, JavaScript, and CSS can all be learned and understood at a basic level. If you are making complex web applications, gaining experience with these languages can make it easier for you.

    It is readily accessible when creating, and it assists Vue.js programmers in unleashing their imagination by offering an extra syntax extension.

  4. Mobile app development

    Vue delivers the most powerful cross-platform UI architecture strategies. Alibaba’s smartphone app, which is built-in Vue, is one of the finest examples of e-commerce. The user interface can be controlled across various channels with repeatability and transparency, which is fantastic.

  5. Thoroughly specified framework

    Vue’s well-defined environment is a big plus because it allows users to effectively choose a solution to the current challenge. There is no reason for them to waste a lot of time looking for the right one. Despite the fact that Vue focuses on layered architecture, it’ll be able to solve common problems with the help of Vue Router, Vuex, Vue CLI, and Vue Test Utils.

    This speeds up production while simultaneously unifying it through many programs. Since most ventures use the same methods, it is often easier for developers to jump straight in instead of spending time studying these resources.

    Vue’s progressively modular ecosystem ranges between a platform and a repository, making it an excellent choice for any project.

  6. Highly Versatile

    The Vuex functionality is used for state control and routing. As a result, it can be applied to the creation of more complex and higher capabilities. The big distinction between Vuex and redux/flux with react is that Vue’s partner libraries are publicly supported and maintain the core library up to date.

    Although Redux and Flux are extensions of the React group, they are not explicitly related to React.

  7. Adaptability

    In Vue, the user experience, as well as the patented reactivity mechanism, will be revamped dynamically. Developers might save time as a result of this, as they will not have to waste as much time on extra coding. Instead, they would be able to focus on efficiency and other important characteristics.

  8. A thriving community

    The Vue community is actively growing and adding to the framework’s growth. Vue’s developer compadres all over the globe are assisting the framework in spreading knowledge. The 2017 VueConf in Wroclaw, Poland, sparked a Vue-related event storm around the world.

  9. Easy to use

    Vue.js is a relatively modern technology as opposed to other frameworks. One of its key highlights is its ease and lack of pedigree. I would like to applaud Vue for its ability to disregard the bloat of other systems. Developers should focus their attention on enhancements rather than repairs because Vue has a small surface area.

Which companies are using VueJS?

If you are looking for a JavaScript platform, it is comforting to know that top businesses are currently using Vue JS, regardless of whether you are a developer or a company owner who needs to be secure about the technologies they are going to invest in.

Alibaba, Xiaomi, Grammarly, Adobe, Louis Vuitton, Google, and Netflix are among the several companies that have adopted Vue.js. Vue is used for a large number of websites, components, extensions, frameworks, and models.


Choose a successful Vue JS development company as your production partner to deal with the best professionals in the industry without a doubt.

 This is because, regardless of how successful the system is or how practical it is, the bulk of the project’s progress is decided by who is implementing it and how they work? As a result, make an informed decision and consider the consequences.


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