Classification of React Native developers based on their expertise level.

Classification of React Native developers based on their expertise level.

02 October, 2021


Developers who specialized in React Native are experts on what we consider to be the best framework for creating native smartphone apps on any framework. This JavaScript-based tool offers programmers a forum that allows them to build apps for any computer.

Through integrating components from the underlying architecture, hire React Native developers that may create fully native applications. React Native is the industry-standard platform for developing cross-platform mobile apps.

Individual programmers’ familiarity with this system, on the other hand, will invariably affect the final performance of the application you create. As a consequence, it is critical to comprehend the ample scope.

A summary of developers’ skills based on their level of expertise.

Developers are given a designation based on their backgrounds, much as every other occupation. So, what are the actual boundaries between a junior and senior programmer?

Developing with Respond Native necessitates a detailed understanding of both the architecture and the platform on which you are making applications. Many who are just starting out in their careers may have a basic knowledge of “how to code,” but this is just one aspect of the equation when it comes to creating a perfect app.

Let us look at the distinctions between junior, medium, and senior React Native Developers.

Skills of Junior developers. 

Junior developers are newcomers to the field and have little or no professional experience. They are typically new graduates and have less or no exposure to how the industry works in the real world. Because they just came out of the books imaginative world.

 Junior developers must have the following skills – 

  • Since React Native is based on JavaScript, a junior programmer should be familiar with JavaScript ES6 or later, as well as many of its functionality and improvements.
  • The React Native architecture, along with its core modules, APIs, and libraries, should be well-understood by a young engineer. They should also be aware of the fundamental React assertions.
  • A junior developer should be familiar with the various forms of interface navigation, such as tap, modal, and so on.
  • Junior developers should understand the fundamentals of debugging and checking, as well as the methods that are used for these tasks.
  • Designers may use this state management technique to efficiently handle shared states throughout modules and build reliable applications that operate in a range of environments. Different state administration tools are available to developers. Redux, on the other hand, is one of the most user-friendly and stable tools.

Quick tip –  Notice that a more advanced or medium-level React Native developer must oversee, tutor, and guide a junior programmer.

Skills of Medium level react native developer. 

Middle developers are experts who have worked for at least two years. They have collaborated on a variety of tasks and have problem-solving capabilities, as well as the ability to act professionally and take responsibility for their work.

  • They ought to be familiar with the most commonly used approaches to software performance improvement and be able to include recommendations about how to boost the efficiency of different types of applications.
  • Create applications that are exclusive to mobile devices. Middle Respond Native experts must be capable of working with cameras, microphones, GPS sensors, and gyroscopes, among other things. They must also consider how to integrate these hardware capabilities into an app as well as how to cope with the problems that can emerge when doing so.
  • A middle-level developer should be acquainted with multiple database types and the resources needed to work with them. They must recognize all of the complexities of external data caching and be able to determine between when it is best to use pre-written programming and when it is best to write caching theory from scratch.
  • Middle-level React Native programmers should be knowledgeable with the intricacies of incorporating third-party applications such as Google, Facebook, and PayPal into mobile apps, as well as how to operate with their APIs to expand the features of mobile apps.
  • A middle-level developer should be aware of the steps involved in registering an app, as well as when and how to obtain all of the major elements and how to upload an app to Google Play and the Apple app store.

Skills of Senior level react native developer. 

A senior developer is well-versed in React Native growth and has a wide variety of skills. This necessitates at least 3 years of experience and a number of applications that have been successfully released. Senior engineers have prior experience leading teams and coaching beginners.

  • A senior developer ought to be able to clarify the variations between different software development methods, validate the use of one for a specific project, and assist the team in moving to a new and more reliable workflow where appropriate.
  • A programmer must be familiar with the languages used only for native app creation, such as Objective-C, Java, Swift, and Kotlin, in order to effectively port a current Android or iOS app to React Native.
  • To build full-featured, rich goods, merge native library functions into React Native applications.
  • Better code consistency is promoted by CI/CD.  Set up concurrent integration and execution to identify and address problems early in the implementation process while increasing transparency and exposure.
  • Take part in analysis and debates, as well as exchange architectural concepts for potential application growth. The layout of an interface must be planned ahead of time to meet the project’s commercial and technological specifications. The design of the software is the responsibility of a senior developer since it is among the most crucial choices for a business.


Our solution-oriented design teams create designs that suit the landscape of global markets using big-picture market research and targeted testing. Fortunately, React Native provides us with the resources we need to complete this task. We are all ready for your idea, so get in contact with us and hire react native developers to get itgoing.


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