What is ServiceNow? Everything you need to know about it!

What is ServiceNow? Everything you need to know about it!

04 October, 2021

What is the ServiceNow app?

The ServiceNow Service Automation Framework is a cloud platform that is extremely customizable, approachable, and configurable, with enterprise-grade architecture and architecture. All ServiceNow apps, even custom applications developed by ServiceNow customers and partners, are based on this single architecture.

Since 2012, ServiceNow has had its origins in ITSM. However, as technologies progressed and the cloud became more popular, it carved out a niche as a cross-departmental network that operates as a corporate cloud solution placed on top of all other technologies.

Its ability to build workflows that simplify the data feature extraction allows it a one-of-a-kind cloud service.

Why ServiceNow is vital in today’s modern businesses?

You will use the ServiceNow System of Operation to substitute unorganized job habits with insightful workflows of the future. In a single cloud network, any worker, client, and device in the organization or connected to it will make a request.

Both agencies involved with these inquiries can delegate and prioritize tasks, cooperate, get to the source of problems, obtain real-time feedback, and take action.

This will allow staff to work efficiently, and levels of service will increase as a result. Act at Lightspeed with ServiceNow, and make the work processes wiser and quicker. ServiceNow offers cloud computing to businesses of all sizes.

Things to consider before the ServiceNow application development

Build a ServiceNow Platform framework to assist the company in maintaining information and handling business operations effectively. Although ServiceNow is an excellent platform, still there are tons of which need to be considered and look upon before creating the application using ServiceNow.

So, have a look at the step-by-step guide for Creating the ServiceNow app.

1. Business Analysis

The analysis of your business requirements is the topmost thing you should consider before creating the app to get a thorough idea of the app’s functionalities.

Here is the list of things you should follow!

  • Create a list of company criteria and keep track of how they are going.
  • What is the purpose of the ServiceNow application development and what are the main things they are focusing on?
  • Who would make use of it and how to make this app use easier for them?
  • How would you know if it is effective and helpful for the other person?

2. Construct a database schema

Determine appropriately the use of the app and how it will benefit its targeted users. For this, you need to take care of the following things.

  • Determine what data the app has to keep track of.
  • What details should be stored in a database and its importance?
  • What are the cross-references between the data?
  • Are there really any tables that you should add to?

3. Creating an app

  • Create a customized application record and define the scope of the application.
  • To store domain-specific data, construct an application data table for a better idea.
  • Build the user experience for the Now Platform, a software workspace, or the ServiceNow mobile app, for example.
  • Set device access permissions to allow or prohibit other apps from accessing your info.
  • Often, to fulfill your corporate needs, add business rules and workflow.
  • In the team creation setting, push the project to other circumstances.
  • To store and handle various copies, link the software to a GIT repository.

4. Testing

Testing is the most crucial step while creating an app. We need to modify the changes based on the user’s preferences. Check to see how the app suits the company’s needs. Your analysis should include the following:

  • Testing includes Build, read, edit, and erase operations of required things.
  • Views and UI policies are examples of user interface features.
  • Company rules and case script behavior are examples of dynamic processes.

5. Share the app

The last and final step is sharing the app. You can do the following things to share it.

  • Make a copy of the finished document and distribute it to others.
  • To exchange the application with other circumstances allocated to the same organization, submit it to the ServiceNow app repository.
  • To make the app available to all, release it to the ServiceNow Store.
  • Publish the software as a new edition. Set to follow a recovery or change control strategy.

What are the benefits of using ServiceNow?

The NOW Platform from ServiceNow is lightning fast. ServiceNow, which is structured to handle it as a service, allows the modern enterprise to work more efficiently and flexibly than ever before. It accomplishes this by focusing on the events, projects, and procedures that make up a typical workday through a service-oriented lens.


Any tool’s encryption and single sign-on (SSO) function are important, and ServiceNow is no exception. SSO with several providers is included in this tool. To handle verification, an organization can use multiple SSO IDPs (Identity Providers). SSO allows a user to enter a program without having to have a User ID or password. The Windows Credentials are included.


On remote servers, ServiceNow allows you to orchestrate or automate basic or complicated activities. Once Orchestration is applied in a business, the work takes less expertise and time. It will simplify VMware, Microsoft Exchange mail servers, and other systems.

Enterprise portal

Enterprise Platform Providing a web portal where users may request entry, operation, or help is one of the most critical criteria for any enterprise. Various organizations are granted wings by ServicePortal. Businesses are now designing their ServicePortals in order to demonstrate their ServiceNow capability. ServicePortal also took control of the discontinued CMS platform, which was an earlier version of the platform but not as powerful as ServicePortal.


Most people nowadays expect an enterprise application, service, or solution to be mobile-friendly. They must be able to make adjustments on the fly. It is possible thanks to ServiceNow. ServiceNow models and apps are user-friendly and can be released to mobile devices without the need for additional production. For iOS and Android, ServiceNow offers a web-based smartphone platform as well as a native mobile version.

It is quick & easy

Active Directory may be used for a variety of purposes for businesses. There are various activities, such as offering links to software or creating an Outlook Delivery List. The ServiceNow tool makes LDAP incorporation a breeze, and the greatest thing is that you will not have to write any code. All is set up in a straightforward manner!

How ServiceNow makes the work quick in various departments?

IT: By leveraging legacy resources into a new, easy-to-use process improvement approach in the cloud, ServiceNow can significantly increase productivity and reduce costs.

Safety Options: Security and IT will work together to overcome actual risks more efficiently. It accomplishes this by prioritizing and resolving accidents depending on their effect on the operation.

Customer Care: By analyzing product service health in real-time and coordinating across divisions to efficiently address service problems, customer support can minimize case frequency and improve customer satisfaction.

HR: Through self-service portals, HR can personalize the employee service experience and obtain the feedback they need to constantly enhance service quality.

Building Enterprise Applications: With reusable modules that help drive creativity, ServiceNow allows every department to rapidly create web apps and simplify processes.


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