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Through the professional distribution of creative, tailor-made apps, we allow progressive companies to transform, grow, and stay ahead of the competition. Our sleek, data-driven technologies help individuals and companies all over the world work better and produce better results. The ideology behind the success of our organization lies in the core principle of making our client’s dream as our own. By understanding the individual and unique needs of all our clients, and making them a core part of our work process, we make sure that the solutions we design are totally worth their time and money.By abiding to this ideology and following a similar approach with each and everyone of our clients, over the years we have developed a strong relationship with more than 90% of our clients, and till today they continue coming back to us with regular project needs.This ideology has not only made our client retention very high but also made sure that all our clients are always satisfied and happy with the solutions we design.

Our team offers technical assistance and collaborates with you to work out any weaknesses that might emerge during the development process. We live in a new world where technology is constantly changing, and engineering has a huge effect on industry and how it is handled.
Online portals and smartphone applications have become important for a successful company because they provide a path for clients to connect with you and control their products.Creating an ideal moving software product is an essential part of any company process, and the software framework converts it into a well-organized production structure.

11 years of accomplishments and growth.

Sanskar, which was founded in 2010, has developed from a promising tech company to a mature app provider with millions of customers. We are a go-to partner for helping companies run at their best due to our deep understandingof and market domains.

Some reasons to choose us as your developing partner

Using technologies to improve performance, size, promote participation, and make it easy to use. We are a group of forward-thinking individuals who feel working at Sanskar to be a calling. We think that great leadership, forward-thinking analysis, lifelong learning, a commitment to customer growth, and a constant pursuit of excellence are the keys to change.

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Different engagement models.

Sanskar offers distinct engagement models for its client, to offer flexibility and smooth ongoing suppose for the business.

Project based

Fixed bid engagements are suitable for short-term projects because they require a specific project scope and comprehensive release roadmap, decreasing the possibility of running over budget.

Time based

This model fits well for criteria that are high-level and poorly defined. You get full scope and expenditure flexibility with T&M, and you just pay for the services you need.

Team based.

If you really need to easily scale up your internal capital, this is the model to use. You will easily pull in experienced or highly skilled expertise while spending a lot of money on recruiting this way.

Anand Thakkar
Founder & CEO
From the founder’s desk,

If you take a close look at the historic Indian language of Sanskrit, and you try to find the meaning of the word, Sanskar, you will quickly come to realize that Sanskar portrays the occurrence of an auspicious and in most cases a holy ceremony.

Being a custom technology solutions development company based in the holy city of Ahmedabad, India, our roots lies in the basic ideology of serving our customers like Gods. Being a part of a nation, where the national slogan is “Atithi Devo Bhava”, a Sanskrit phrase which translates to “our guest is our god”, we follow the same ideology.

Every customer who comes to us, whether for the first time or a returning customer, we treat them as our guest and take time to understand their goals and ambitions from the project in detail. Understanding the goals of our clients helps us make them our goals which in turn helps us design and implement custom industry specific solutions to address particular and unique needs.

In my experience so far, treating a customer as your own and taking personal care of their needs is a big contributor in the success we have achieved today. Following this ideology throughout our development journey has helped us built a strong national and international presence, and set the customer retention rate as one of the highest in the industry; a staggering 90% of customers have been consistently coming back to us for more than 5 years for technological needs.

All of this is not possible without the support and technical expertise of a highly dedicated, experienced and professional team. Mentioned in the upcoming section are some of our most brightest tech professionals who are always here to address your query and provide you with the most efficient and technologically advanced solution.



Ahmedabad is one of the fastest growing cities in the Indian subcontinent and therefore has become a major hub for IT companies in the last few years, who have opened their offices here. With a talented workforce ready to be utilized and state of the art infrastructure facilities, our Ahmedabad office has been strategically designed and located to serve both our national and international clients with high standards of work which is delivered on time, everytime.

Development Center


The Junagadh Office of Sanskar Technolab is in a new addition to accommodate our growing team of expert professionals and has been strategically located in the foothills of the Girnar mountains. Similar to the Ahmedabad office, the Junagadh office too serves both national and international clients with the high standards of quality work.

Diverse your thoughts into reality.

Workflow automation

Utilize our cross-domain experience and skills to enhance the business processes. Automate customer service, resource development, regulatory enforcement, fraud detection, and more to drive next-generation efficiencies and cost savings.

Inspiring Development

Utilize the experience of our professional architects to develop a secure, fault-tolerant approach. If your company expands, you can quickly scale your infrastructure to accommodate an almost unlimited number of customers as you reach into new market segments.

Increasing sales

Make use of our advisory skills to uncover new market prospects. Make use of advanced consumer insight, cutting-edge software features, and a range of revenue sources.

Boosting innovations

Boosting operating efficiencies, ensuring quicker time to value, and revolutionizing customer experience are all advantages of using our services. Using our data-driven enhanced analytics to acquire new insights and boost decision-making significantly.

Assuring consistency

From exploration to deployment and servicing, our holistic commitment to products and processes quality spans the whole service delivery process. This helps them to identify and overcome issues faster, save resources, and boost customer retention.

User Interactive and Engaging UI’s

We understand about the problems you face, and we want our ideas to help you thrive. As a result, our staff provide professional assistance after the launch of the software and collaborate with you to hammer out any flaws that can occur through the implementation phase.

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