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Unique Approach

Introducing Migoo Equipment, an innovative and feature-rich portal entirely developed on ERPNext that simplifies the entire process of renting, buying, selling, insuring, billing, and managing heavy-duty construction equipment.

Client Location
Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

Web Server: Frappe Cloud Database: MySQL (Maria DB) ERPNext Version: 14.13.0


Project Methodology
Agile Scrum Methodology  

Migoo Client Vision

Client's Vision & Mission!

Arjun Pachani, the founder of Migoo Equipment, personally experienced the daily challenges of construction companies and how inefficient and disorganized equipment management led to the waste of time, higher expenses, and missed opportunities.

So, our client had a clear vision of simplifying these tasks and creating a smooth and user-friendly platform for both vendors and customers.

Our work!

The team at Sanskar Technolab understood the client's requirements thoroughly, identified their pain points and developed a full-fledged ERPNext web portal within the given deadline.

Here's the best part: Our team developed the entire web portal from front-end to back-end with ERPNext, ensuring a seamless and uniform user experience.

Our works

Let The Numbers Speak For Themselves!

Cost Efective


cost savings in development, ensuring a cost-efficient solution for

Reduction time


reduction in launching time, launched in just 4 months.



equipment were onboarded within just the first month of launching.


35 days

to launch iOS and Android apps(Within record time).



of page load performance.

Our End Solutions!

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Demand portal

Our end-to-end demand portal revolutionizes the process of renting or buying heavy-duty construction equipment.

Everything it includes!
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Customized search filters. 
  • Effective communication with our team through (calls/WhatsApp). 
  • Automated compliance and verification systems for smooth onboarding.
  • Secure and faster transactions.

Our Key Integrations!

Call integration

Call Integration

Our integration with TATA Smart Flo allows users to access call logs and make calls directly from the ERPNext system while also getting call recording URLs.


SMS Integration

Through integration with FAST 2 SMS, our system empowers users to send broadcast SMS messages easily and quickly.


WhatsApp Integration

Our integration with WATI enables sending broadcast WhatsApp templates directly from the system.

Rto&Driving integration

RTO & Driving License Integration

We have integrated APIs for RTO and driver's licenses to verify vehicle details and authenticate driver information as well.

Aadhar integration

Aadhar Card integration

Our team has integrated Adhar Card verification for the KYC to ensure secure, faster, and smarter verification.

Project Challenges & Its Solutions!


Problem #1

The client has a unique business idea and is also not tested in the market, so we were unaware of the entire flow of work.

Solution #1

To address the issue, we proposed an MVP using an agile methodology, allowing real-time viewing of the portal at each stage and testing with existing users. This approach minimizes the need for future improvements, saving valuable time and resources for the business.


Problem #2

Our client's end users are not tech-oriented and very comfortable with their previous system.

Solution #2

To solve this problem, we have thoroughly understood their users' requirements, working patterns and previous systems to design an easy-to-use interface and design. We prepared an entire workflow, tested it with their real users, made improvements and finally implemented an easy and convenient solution.


Problem #3

Our client has a limited budget to build a full-fledged web portal for both the client and supplier sides. The number of features, modules, and integrations is also higher.

Solution #3

To tackle this problem, we have suggested our client opt for the low-code ERPNext platform - as it is a one-stop solution with ready-made modules for accounting, HR, manufacturing, CRM, etc, which helped him save over 60% of the total cost.


Problem #4

The client has already completed partial portal development with another company but is not happy with its performance and quality. The portal has scalability problems and includes outdated coding and developed practices.

Solution #4

We have completely redeveloped the portal using ERPNext by employing best coding practices, optimizing performance, ensuring scalability, and adhering to industry standards, to successfully deliver a high-quality portal.


Problem #5

The client's business involves handling a large volume of data and requires efficient data storage, retrieval, and management as well.

Solution #5

We have designed a robust database architecture and optimized data management techniques in the portal. By leveraging ERPNext's database capabilities and implementing data indexing, caching, and efficient query optimization, we have ensured efficient and reliable data storage and retrieval.

With Robust Support, we offer more than just implementation!


Seamless Communications and Documentation:

We provided clear communication & comprehensive technical documents for a better understanding of all the technical concepts.


Monitoring and Maintenance:

Proactive monitoring and maintenance for server and cloud-based resources.


Server Resource Hardening:

Strengthening server resources constantly to prevent security risks.


Regular Backups and Optimization:

Scheduled backups and optimized databases for end-to-end data protection and performance.

Version update

Version Updates and Support:

Real-time updates and ongoing functional support for enhanced system capabilities.

Let's hear it from our client!


Being in the construction industry, I wanted to change the future of the construction industry with technology. So, reached out to Sanskar Technolab through one of my mutual friends. They have helped me to develop a one-of-a-kind platform for renting, buying, and selling high-duty construction equipment along with the features of CRM, insurance, etc. There is no such software in the industry, but Sanskar Technolab developed the best portal along with a mobile app at 60% lesser costs in just 4 months.

Arjun pachani


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