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Unique Approach

Vijay Pure Natural Healthy Food is the leading manufacturer of puffed rice(Murmura or Mamara) and poha(pohay). This renowned B2B and B2C company is using SAP to track and manage their business operations. Considering its hefty costs and complex usage, they have decided to switch from SAP to ERPNext by partnering with Sanskar Technolab.

Client Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Tech-Stack Web Server: Frappe Cloud Database: MySQL (Maria DB) ERPNext Version: 14.13.0

Industry Construction

Project Methodology Agile Scrum Methodology

What Does Client Want

What does the client want from us?

Vijay, the CEO of Vijay Pure Natural Healthy Food, wanted to migrate to a simplistic platform with lesser maintenance and support requirements. At the same time, they wanted the migration process to be quick without disrupting their day-to-day business operations. They also wanted us to keep them informed throughout the project - for desired results.

business-flow-vijay-mamra business-flow-vijay-mamra

Challenges of SAP & solutions with ERPNext for Vijay Pure Natural Healthy Food!

SAP is super expensive…


HANA - Hardware cost

Annual License Fees

SAP Consultants + Niche Skills

sap challanging bg

What are the challenges with the SAP ERP faced by our client?


High hardware costs.


Higher per user onboarding charges.


Additional annual licensing charges.


Complex system to deal with!


Quite difficult to customize to meet specific business needs.

How ERPNext is the ideal ERP for their business?


Lower upfront costs.


Free user onboarding.


No ongoing licensing fees due to its open-source nature.


Quite easy for both developers & end users!


Easily customizable system and modules to meet specific business needs.

Our Results


The team at Sanskar Technolab thoroughly understands their unique business needs and migration process to ensure seamless and desired end results for the clients.

Here’s the key part:

We have established a robust process with the right communication and project management to keep them updated about the project status and to deliver the desired results.

Some of the stand out features of this project!

Tolerence based logistics

Easy updates via in-built Whatsapp

No manual entries

Gatepass management module

Universal platform(No other platform required)

Dynamic print formats

UOM Conversions

Number Better Speak For Themselves!

Month Image

2 Months

Completed the entire migration and implementation within the record time of 2 months!

Onboarding Image


Reduced the cost by a whopping 60% for user onboarding and platform management.

Integration Image

5 Days

Completed the complex task of WhatsApp integration within just 5 days.

Simple Platform


With the simple platform, the clients experienced a 23% increase in efficiency.

The Migration Process from SAP to ERPNext Simplified!

sap may

Our client was struggling with SAP system and incurring hefty expenses for licensing fees and user onboarding. Lacking so many crucial features and lesser automation.

sap may small

Reached out to Sanskar Technolab in search of another ERP software with lesser costs, better features and greater cutsomizations.

sap july

Create a documentation outlining the mapping process from SAP data to ERPNext data, ensuring a transparent representation of how fields, tables, and records correspond between the two systems.

sap sug small

Provide comprehensive details on the data transformation process to align it with ERPNext's structure and format, encompassing necessary data format conversions. Additionally, elucidate the approach and tools, including custom scripts or third-party applications, utilized for data extraction from SAP.

sap sept

We've successfully tackled tasks related to data transformation, data validation, migration of both master and transactional data, data backup, and post-migration monitoring.

Deployed the final project to the client and they are now enjoying streamlined processes, enhanced workflows, enhanced employee productivity(that too at 70% lesser costs).

A win-win!

SAP to ERPNext Migration Strategy: The Specifics Explained.

Migration Strategy

Step 1:

Proof of Concept (POC):

  • Evaluating the client's current business processes
  • Checking the problems & challenges with SAP
  • Assessing the compatibility of ERPNext for this specific project

Step 2:

SAP First, ERPNext Second

  • Started with ERPNext implementation process and SAP to ERPNext migration process.
  • Client is parallel operating both the systems.
  • Keep on analyzing the gaps and problems to ensure complete and satisfactory end results.

Step 3:

ERPNext First, SAP Second

  • ERPNext is now the primary ERP platform for our client.
  • Testing the few features and is currently available to limited users only.
  • Training the team to better cope-up with the process and taking their feedback for final deployment.

Step 4:

SAP Is Gone ERPNext Takes Over

  • The final phase involves data migration, discountunuing SAP and related licenses.
  • Our client bids final good-bye to SAP and ERPNext completely takes over.
  • Post-transition support and continuous improvement will be our focus as ERPNext becomes the sole ERP system for our client.

Our Key Solutions & Integrations!

Sanskar Technolab is delighted to have had the opportunity to serve Vijay Pure Natural Healthy Food with our comprehensive ERPNext services.

Database Migration
Database Migration

Our team executed a seamless and rapid data migration from SAP to ERPNext, ensuring a smooth transition while preserving your valuable data within a record time.

Purchase Management
Purchase Management

We have implemented a robust purchase management system tailored to our client’s specific needs, enabling efficient procurement and tracking of rice and other essential materials.

Sales Tracking

Through our tailored solution, the client can now effortlessly track all sales items using specially designated numbers. It includes both make-to-order and make-to-stock processes.

Manufacturing Optimization
Manufacturing Optimization

We've integrated the purchases and sales seamlessly, streamlining the manufacturing processes and tracking for our clients. With automated updates and linkage, they witnessed improved efficiency in your operations.

Logistics Enhancement
Logistics Enhancement

Our custom-developed logistics solution facilitates gate pass tracking, materials handling, and weight checking for both inbound and outbound materials. It ensures that the materials are managed efficiently, with precise gate pass details and invoicing based on weight, even accounting for tolerance variations.

Accounting Integration
Accounting Integration

By integrating with ICICI Bank, we have streamlined the payment processes for faster transactions and more effective accounts management.


We have integrated WhatsApp into the ERPNext system, leading to better communication for purchase, sales, accounting, and overall collaboration with the team and customers as a whole.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Our implementation of various units of measurement to accommodate the diverse inventory needs effectively, without any complex process or confusion.

Quality Inspection
Quality Inspection

We've implemented a comprehensive quality inspection process within the platform, keeping the client’s team and their customers well-informed about product quality.

Why have Our Clients Chosen Us for their Migration and Implementation Needs?

Location Convenience

Location convenience

Our client was looking for someone in Ahmedabad or a nearby location for easier and more accessible collaboration while fostering a stronger working relationship.

Site Visits

Site Visits

Sanskar Technolab went the extra mile by conducting on-site visits to our client's businesses, gaining an in-depth understanding of their unique operations and project requirements. This personalized approach was a key factor in their decision-making process.

ERPNext Bronze Partner

ERPNext Bronze Partner

The fact that Sanskar Technolab is a distinguished ERPNext Bronze Partner was a strong point of attraction. This partnership status signifies a high level of expertise, trustworthiness, and a commitment to delivering top-tier ERPNext solutions.

Delivery Deadline

Delivery within the deadline

Our client was looking for swift and quick completion of the project. After gathering their requirements, we assured them of adherence to project timelines.

Industry Rich Experience

Industry-Rich Experience

Sanskar Technolab successful track record in completing various projects within the manufacturing industry resonated with our client. This industry-specific experience provides them with the assurance that their manufacturing processes will be optimized effectively.

Feedback from our client!

Vijay Mamra Pvt.Ltd

I am writing to share my thoughts and feedback regarding the recent ERPNext implementation that your team undertook.

First and foremost, I want to express my appreciation for the effort and dedication demonstrated by your team throughout this process. It's evident that a lot of hard work went into making this project a success, and I am grateful for your commitment to ensuring its smooth execution.

Vijay patel

Director, Vijay Mamra Pvt.Ltd

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