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The most agile ERP on the planet

ERPNext is the world's best free and open source ERP.


Why Choose ERPNext instead of other ERPs?

Reasons Explained.

Reason 1:

Open Source and Pocket Friendly

ERPNext is an open source software, which refers to the fact that the source code is available to anyone who wishes to use it and inspect it, No license required like SAP.

Reason 2:

Frappe Framework

Frappe Framework, on which the ERPNext is built, is a versatile and robust web application framework. It provides a foundational base for developing custom web applications. ERPNext uses JavaScript for its frontend and Python for the Backend.



Low code, open source, web framework in Python and Javascript for the 21st century



Frappe products prioritize API accessibility, enabling ease of integrations with external systems


Ready Integrations

Frappe comes with 130+ out of the box integrations with banks, messaging apps, e-commerce apps like shopify and more



Interoperable nature allows for effortless scalability to accommodate growth and increased demand

Reason 3:

Easily Customizable / Scalable

The most standout feature of ERPNext is its ability to be customized. This feature is important because all businesses have unique processes / requirements. ERPNext’s architecture makes it easier to handle large volumes of data of mid size cos.

Reason 4:

User Friendly Interface

Usability is the success defining factor of any ERP Implementation. ERPNext is well known for its User-Friendly interface that is easy to navigate.

Reason 5:

Integrated CRM & Business Functions

CRM is a vital aspect of any modern business operations. ERPNext comes with an integrated CRM module, allowing you to manage customer interactions, sales leads, and customer support, seamlessly within the system. Also it helps in streamlining and managing processes such as Accounts, Inventory, Sales, HR, Payroll.

Reason 6:

Integration Capabilities

ERPNext provides smooth integration capabilities, allowing you to connect with other essential tools such as e-commerce platforms, payment gateways, and so much more.

Reason 7:

Cloud Hosting and Scalability

The parent of ERPNext- Frappe- also provides you with the flexibility of Cloud Hosting. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, ERPNext can simply accommodate your needs. You can start with a minimal setup and then scale up as your business grows.

Reason 8:

Active Community and Local Support

ERPNext has a thriving Global Community of developers, functional experts and users, who ensure that the system is continuously updated and improved, bugs are being addressed, and new features have been added and updated

Reason 9:

Loved by users

more than 10,000 companies across the world are leveraging ERPNext for their manufacturing operations!

Don’t believe us.

Hear from the top Industry Experts!

Top industry professionals from zerodha and reliance industries along with some professional individual ERP conslotants share why ERPNext is best.

Eric Kimberlerg

Independent thought leader

Independent Review of ERPNext | Open Source ERP Software

Eric Kimberlerg is the top independent thought leader who talks about digital transformation and diverse digital development platform. This time around, he reviewed ERPNext. According to him, ERPNext is one of the popular and emerging ERP systems for small- and mid-size businesses. This open source ERP solution can be a good alternative to NetSuite, Quickbooks, Odoo, and other ERP systems. Let’s find out what he has to say about this open-source ERP.

Deepak Ingle

Interview with Deepak Ingle (Reliance Industries)

Deepak Ingle, an assistant vice president at Reliance Industries. He is in charge of streamlining business operations by choosing the right technologies. They have been asoaicted with SAP since past 22 years. But, now they are looking to migrate to open-source and new-gen technology. According to him, ERPNext is the future of ERP because it is feature-rich and offers variety of built-in modules along with easy customizations, configurations and development.

Geoffrey Karani

leading software developer

Why ERPNext is the best option for your Business

Geoffrey Karani is the leading software developer, who reviews various software in his videos to guide users about the software, its benefits, why they should use it and other relevant stuff to help other become the sort- after software developer. In above video, he discusses about ERPNext and why this platform is growing in popularity since 2017. To know more about its benefits, its features & beyond, check out the full video.

Seibert Media

Seibert Media - Journey with ERPNext

Seibert Media is the leading software development company. When scaling thier company and growing employee base, they feel that their data is not properly managed. They need the right ERP software to categorize and consolidate the data in an organized manner. This is where, they came across the ERPNext. They have chosen this ERP because of greater control over the system and higher customization options. To find out more about this ERP software from the user iteself, go through the full video.

Kailash Nath

CTO of Zerodha

What CTO of Zerodha thinks of ERPNext?

Kailash Nath, CTO of Zerodha(India’s largest online trading platform) in talk with one of the frappe executive to discuss his thoughts on ERPNext. They are highly driven by the FOSS(Free & open-source) nature of ERPNext. According to him, ERPNext plays an integral role in journey and growth of Zerodha. They manage both the customer-centric and even internal processes through this ERP platform. To listn to full interview about his ERPNext insights, check out the full video.


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Subtle Glimpses of some out-of-the-box features of ERPNext!

Mobile Accessibility
Mobile Accessibility

It offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS, allowing you to access critical business data and functions from anywhere, at any time.

Multi Currency
Multi-Currency and Multi-Language Support

If your business operates in multiple regions or serves customers globally, ERPNext supports multi-currency and multi-language capabilities.

Real Time Analytics
Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

The software provides robust reporting and analytics tools, allowing you to make data-driven decisions based on real-time information.

Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation

ERPNext includes workflow management tools that enable you to automate routine tasks and processes, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of errors.

Security Features
Security Features

ERPNext incorporates security measures to protect your data, including user permissions, data encryption, and audit trails.

Supplier Customer Portals
Supplier and Customer Portals

You can set up portals for your suppliers and customers to interact with your business, making it easier to manage transactions, orders, and communication.

Why Choose Sanskar Technolab as your ERPNext Implementation Partner?

Latest Trends Practices
Updated with Latest Trends and Practices:

Sanskar Technolab stays updated with the latest trends and best practices in the ERPNext ecosystem to offer best-in-class and relevant solutions to our clients. We continuously update our knowledge to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions by leveraging the latest features of ERPNext.

Highly Customize
Highly Customized Solutions:

We are aware that every business has unique requirements. So, Sanskar Technolab offers highly customized ERPNext solutions. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific workflows and needs and offer tailor-made ERPNext configurations that align perfectly with our client's business processes and goals.

Costing Varied Pricing Plans
Affordable Costing & Varied Pricing Plans:

Sanskar Technolab understands the importance of cost-effectiveness for businesses. So, we offer competitive and affordable pricing plans that cater to the different budget ranges of our clients. This flexibility allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from our ERPNext implementation services within their budget and convenient pricing plan.

Experienced Team
Experienced Team of Developers:

With a team of experienced and skilled ERPNext developers, Sanskar Technolab can handle complex implementation projects efficiently. Our expertise ensures a smooth and successful ERPNext deployment services for our customers while reducing the risk of delays or technical issues during the process.

Serving Various Industries
Serving Various Industries:

Sanskar Technolab' experience spans across various industries, including Manufacturing, Textile, Retail, Construction, Healthcare, and more. Our ERPNext development company’s diverse industry exposure allows us to understand the specific requirements and challenges different sectors face so we can offer industry-specific solutions accordingly.

Support Training
Comprehensive Support and Training:

Even after the ERPNext implementation services, there are so many things going on! To help you with the same, Sanskar Technolab offers comprehensive post-implementation support and training to ensure that clients can effectively use and maintain their ERPNext system. This ongoing assistance helps clients maximize the benefits of ERPNext and overcome any challenges that may arise during day-to-day operations.

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