General Overview!


GramDharaa Gaushala owns several gaushala stores, selling cow-based products across India. They have started NETTYAM, an initiative of Gramdharaa Gaushala towards a healthy lifestyle by selling eco-friendly and panchgavya products.

Struggling to keep both gaushala and stores in sync, along with inefficient inventory and logistics management - they reached out to Sanskar Technolab for end-to-end management(right from manufacturing, and inventory to sales and CRM).

Why This Special Project For Sanskar Technolab?


We didn't charge any money for this work!

It's part of our special CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) program to help our peers and make a good impact in what we do best(technology and ERPNext).

Client Location

Office: Sangli, Maharashtra

Goshala: Ved Khillar Goshala, Kolhapur, Maharashtra.


Panchgavya Manufacturing


Web Server: Frappe Cloud Database: MySQL (Maria DB) ERPNext Version: 14.13.0

Project Methodology

Agile Scrum Methodology

Clients Vision & Mission!

Our client and founder of GramDharaa Gaushala are willing to normalize the consumption and appliance of cow-based organic products(in our day-to-day lives). However, to achieve his not-so-normal vision, efficient and comprehensive management is the key. To help them, boost efficiency and sales(of course), we leveraged the one-of-kind features of ERPNext.

With ERPNext’s various features and modules - we have streamlined (almost) every process for our client.

But, Which Features?

Our team has connected with our client to better understand their needs, business processes, challenges and what solutions are they targeting.

After getting a thorough idea of their work and the solutions needed, our team seamlessly integrated ERPNext modules, managing manufacturing with precision, organizing inventory management, optimizing purchasing processes, enhancing customer relationships through CRM, and facilitating swift transactions at the point of sale.

The result is a cohesive system that blends the operations of gaushalas and stores for a more efficient and interconnected workflow.

Here Are The Numbers!



GramDharaa Gaushala experienced a significant boost of 24% in sales.



Our streamlined processes didn't just save time but supercharged employee efficiency by 36%.



With ERPNext, GramDharaa Gaushala now enjoys an impressive 98% accuracy with inventory management.



The enhanced CRM features contributed to an impressive 92% customer satisfaction rate.

The ERPNext Modules We Have Implemented For GramDharaa Gaushala!

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Purchase Module

In addressing GramDharaa Gaushala's procurement challenges, our enhancements in the Purchase Module have significantly streamlined their purchasing processes.

  • Purchase order & invoice management: Introduced a custom field in the item child table, for precise item selection based on company and item code, for purchase orders and invoice management.
  • Customized print format: Implemented a tailored print format to ensure that documentation aligns seamlessly with the organization's requirements.
  • Email configurations for suppliers: The establishment of email configurations for better supplier correspondence & supplier relationship management.
  • GST purchase management: With the ERPNext Purchase module, our client can seamlessly handle GST intricacies, for tax management between loose and packaged products.

Their Challenges & Our Solutions(Leveraging ERPNext)


Inefficiencies in stock tracking and management


The existing custom software struggled to effectively handle stock, leading to inefficiencies in tracking and managing inventory levels..


ERPNext brought an integrated approach to inventory management, providing a unified platform for seamless tracking and efficient management of inventory throughout the manufacturing cycle.


Sales and Accounting Hassles


Sales and accounting issues are also piling up, with the current software falling short of providing a comprehensive solution. The lack of integration between the ledger, accounting, and inventory caused disruptions in the financial workflow.


Sanskar Technolab completed the integration of ledger, accounting, and inventory within ERPNext to eliminate the challenges in the sales and accounting departments. This comprehensive approach streamlined financial processes and ensured accuracy.


Manufacturing and Packaging Disconnect


The manufacturing process in the gaushala and subsequent packaging in the store for selling lacked synchronization. This disjointed approach hindered the seamless flow of products from production to the store shelves, leading to inefficient tracking and management of operations.


ERPNext bridged the gap between gaushala manufacturing and store packaging, ensuring a smooth transition of products from production to store shelves. This synchronization enhanced the efficiency of the entire manufacturing cycle.


GST Complexity


Managing GST posed a challenge, particularly in distinguishing between loose products from the gaushala (not applicable for GST) and packaged products in the store (subject to GST). This intricacy needed a more streamlined and accurate approach.


The ERPNext system was configured to handle GST intricacies, accurately distinguishing between loose products and packaged store products for end-to-end management.


Missing CRM and POS


The absence of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Point of Sale (POS) systems hindered customer management and payments. This gap in technology impacted the overall customer experience and the efficiency of payment processes.


ERPNext introduced CRM and POS modules, addressing the lack of customer management and payment efficiency. It leads to a better overall customer

Our Services Extend Beyond ERPNext Implementation!


End-to-End Training

Our commitment extended beyond implementation as we provided comprehensive end-to-end training sessions. It involves assisting the team at GramDharaa Gaushala by using and managing the ERPNext system, ensuring they gain a thorough understanding of its functionalities and capabilities.


Modules-wise Sessions

To facilitate a deeper comprehension, we conducted specialized modules-wise training sessions for their team. Each module, including manufacturing, inventory, purchase, sales, CRM, and POS, was meticulously explained, allowing the GramDharaa Gaushala team to grasp the nuances of each feature and maximize its utility.


Bug-Fixing and Error Rectifications

Understanding the importance of a smooth and error-free system, our support extended to bug-fixing and error rectifications. We promptly addressed any issues that arose, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted experience for GramDharaa Gaushala.

The Feedback Of Our Client!

Here’s something that keeps inspiring us to deliver the desired outcomes and bring out the best results for our clients.


Jay Gau Mata,

Thanks for your quick support for providing us ERPNext's modules as per our needs. Completed modules provided from your team is buying, selling, manufacturing, CRM and POS. Currently we are entering our trial data, and also We are checking and working on the same. We will soon activate all modules to fulfill Ved Khillar Goshala admin purpose.

Thanks again for your great gesture.

Gomata's Blessings will always with you.

Nitesh Ojha

Founder, Nettyam

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