What is Laravel? Why it is used for web application development?

What is Laravel? Why it is used for web application development?

16 April, 2021


Laravel is a common PHP platform that is used to create web applications ranging from small to large projects across the world. Professional developers choose Laravel for its efficiency, functionality, and usability.

The MVC (Model View Controller) architecture of Laravel makes it simple to understand and easily prototype web apps. Laravel makes web application creation easier by using built-in applications such as encryption, mail, routing, meetings, and more. Various Laravel development companies also prefer Laravel as the best framework for app development.

Laravel is so flexible that you can build your own project framework to suit the needs of your web app. Taylor Otwell founded Laravel in 2011, and ever since then, he has worked hard to develop it and make it compliant with the new web technology.

Why use Laravel for the development?

During the production life-cycle, time can be saved thanks to Laravels easy-to-use interface and fast set-up. Laravel has a PHP testing package, which is essential for Test-Driven Development. This saves time because programmers do not have to leave their code editor.

The following are among some of the functionality of the Laravel system that set it apart from most other platforms.

Protection is paramount

Security is still a major concern when developing an app or a website. Fortunately, Laravel’s architecture takes care of all security concerns. It supports salted and hashed passwords, meaning the code is never stored in plain text on the server. It produces an encrypted version of the code using the Bcrypt hash function.

SQL injection is unlikely for Laravel since it uses optimized SQL statements. In addition, Laravel offers a simple way to bypass user feedback in order to eliminate tag injection by the user. Laravel has a range of security options.

The developer ecosystem is large and productive

Laravel has a broad developer community thanks to its success. PHP is the most common scripting language in the world, and it will continue to be so. As a result, there are a lot of PHP developers in the world, and it is only normal that they will use the best PHP platform available today. With many programmers on staff, getting in young and creative developers is a huge plus.

Control of Dependencies

Dependency Injection is a technique for removing hard-coded categories and inserting them with the aid of a program such as Composer.

Recognizing the architecture of the service module (IoC) is a key part of studying dynamic web applications, and that one of the strongest aspects of Laravel is dependence mitigation. The most important method for managing class constraints in Laravel is the IoC (Inversion of Control) or Service Container.

Migration in Laravel

Laravel, like Ruby on Rails, has a migration mechanism for creating database architectures. Rather than using SQL, you can compose a migration in PHP that will build your data structures. The migrations can be used to construct databases, charts, and indexes. You may not have to rebuild the table if you want to improve the table column; alternatively, you can start a different migration.

Every platform is not created uniformly

The production of a web application is a combination of routine and imaginative activities. Good developers prefer to get all of this routine work for as little time as possible without sacrificing consistency before moving on to writing personalized functionality.

Web interfaces are resources that make it easy to solve basic problems easily, allowing you to concentrate on your own design logic and innovative tasks more rapidly. Not all systems are capable of solving each of the challenges in the same manner.

The best web architectures, such as Laravel, make it easier for programmers to do so, which ensures that Laravel-based architecture can result in faster and more cost-effective product distribution. Furthermore, Laravel is modular, and attracting new programmers is not a challenge since the platform is so popular.

Caching and routing functions

Caching is a method of storing data in a temporary storage place so that it can be easily recovered as desired. The majority of the time, caching is used to improve the application’s efficiency. From views to paths, Laravel caches almost all files. This aids Laravel in reducing waiting time and thereby enhancing efficiency.

Laravel’s navigation is straightforward to comprehend and close to the Ruby on Rails system. Laravel routing makes it easy to construct a restful program. You can link, tag, and filter paths, as well as connect your database schema to them. With great versatility and power, Laravel roads can be used to build search engines such as URLs.

Simple to Understand

Laravel is a very basic platform to get started with and understand. Artisan, Laravel’s console, has a lot of helpers to support you with accelerated growth.

This simple-to-learn advantage makes recruiting and educating new developers before or after existing projects a breeze, saving time and resources. With PHP’s success, an easy-to-use platform reduces any complexity in business growth.

Flawless Authenticity

Verification is a crucial component of every modern web app. Using other technologies, such as Codeigniter, to write authentication will take a long time. Laravel comes with authentication built-in; all you have to do is execute a single instruction to get a completely functioning authentication scheme. Laravel also has guides to help you set up your own authentication.


Due to all of the above functionality and continuous development, Laravel has established itself as the best PHP platform. Laravel is the most common PHP platform because it allows you to construct a powerful application in a simple and exceptional manner.

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