Introducing Sanskar Technolab's game-changing ERPNext-Indiamart Integration.


Imagine this - within every 5 minutes, your IndiaMart inquiries seamlessly sync with your ERPNext system, with no manual hassle.


It's like having a virtual assistant dedicated to lead management! Say goodbye to lead loss fears, as our feature-packed system simplifies the entire process, making lead tracking and conversions a breeze.


Boost your business with Sanskar Technolab's ERPNext-Indiamart Integration – where leads flow in, and conversions flow out effortlessly!

ERPNext-IndiaMart Integration Product Features Unveiled!


Comprehensive Dashboard Insights:

Gain end-to-end tracking and make data-driven decisions effortlessly with our comprehensive dashboard.

  • Time-wise tracking: Daily, weekly, monthly, and overall inquiry count.
  • Status-wise tracking: Open, converted, repeat, do not contact, and not interested inquiries.

Trends and Analysis:

Visualize inquiry trends and types with dynamic graphical representations for informed decision-making.

  • Gain end-to-end insights about the leads and their effective comparison and overview through graphical representation.
  • Analyze trends for strategic planning and make result-driven decisions.

Past History Fetching:

Retrieve all past leads from Indiamart to ERPNext seamlessly, ensuring a complete historical record.

  • Fetch historical data effortlessly & ensure a comprehensive overview of past leads
  • Add the start and end date(of 7 days) and you will get the details of leads generated within that particular time frame.

Fetch Inquiries with Customizable Filters:

You can easily search and sort leads with filters like name, status, contact info, and more with customized filters.

  • Efficient data retrieval with customized filtering
  • Fetch inquiries on the go based on specific criteria

Automated Inquiry Type Updates:

Experience automated updates to the inquiry type based on customer behavior, ensuring accurate categorization.

  • Streamline inquiry-type updates
  • Enhance accuracy through automation
  • Real-time lead updated in every 5 minutes

Generate Comprehensive Lead Forms:

Create detailed lead forms instantly post-lead conversion, ensuring all necessary details are captured and effective management is possible.

  • Generate lead forms seamlessly & capture comprehensive lead information
  • Effortlessly view and manage all inquiries in Indiamart with user-friendly navigation

The Ultimate Guide You Need to Integrate ERPNext with Indimart: Getting Started!

Before getting started with the process of installing and setting up the calling integration system within your ERPNext - you need to abide by the following:


  • Indiamart URL
  • Indiamart Authorization Key:
  • Here’s how you to get your authorization key:

    Indiamart > lead manager > Menu > CRM integration


    Generate Authorization Key

  • Registered Mobile Number with Indiamart
  • At the time of Indiamart registration, the mobile number number which you have added, the same will be added here

Step 1:

Installing the App:

You need to install our Indimart integration on your Bench or Site.

Go to your bench or site, select app tabs > Add app > Search the app(Indimart integration by Sanskar Technolab)

You can choose our app and install it easily (after making the payment of $12).

Step 2:

Enabling Indimart settings:

After installing, you will be redirected to the Indiamart workspace.

Go to the Indiamart settings and click to enable it.

Step 3:

Adding the required details:

After enabling, one form will appear, you need to add the Indiamart URL, Authorization Key, and registered mobile number with Indiamart.

(Check the prerequisites for seamless set-up)

Step 4:

You are all set:

The set-up has been completed. Now, you can go to the Indiamart inquiries to check whether all the inquiries have been fetched or not.


You can even fetch the past inquiries. Just add the start date and end date(of 7 days) and you will get inquiries.

What our customers are saying? Hear in their Words!

I've been a client of Sanskar Technolabs for years, and they recommended this lead tracking and management solution for streamlined processes. The out-of-the-box features and the simple setup process made it a breeze to manage leads effectively. Now, we can easily track and follow up with leads, resulting in a significant boost in conversions.

Our team has across Indiamart ERPNext integration products on the frappe marketplace. Earlier, our team was struggling with inefficient lead tracking, and management, ending up wasting their time to keep up with leads. This product streamlined everything and helped our team save time & costs.

We are using Excel and other MS tools for lead tracking and management through Indiamart. That’s when we stumbled upon this lead management gem on the Frappe Marketplace. The features were exactly what our business needed to streamline the Indiamart and ERPNext leads. Lead tracking was a mess, but this solution turned chaos into order. The straightforward approach and seamless tracking saved us time and headaches.

Frappe marketplace includes so many amazing integrations and plugins available. And, we have come across Indiamart and ERPNext integration - the integration we didn’t know we needed. We were doing fine, but considering the features - we have decided to give it a try. After the installation, the results are amazing. It has not only helped us in lead tracking and management but has also resulted in time & cost savings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ERPNext-Indiamart Integration, and how does it benefit my business?
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ERPNext-Indiamart Integration is a powerful solution that seamlessly connects your IndiaMart inquiries with the ERPNext system, ensuring real-time updates and streamlined lead management. It can help you with end-to-end lead tracking, efficient data retrieval, and automated updates for better decision-making.

Can the integration be seamlessly integrated into my existing workflow and ERPNext system?
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Yes, the integration is designed for seamless incorporation into your existing workflow and ERPNext system. Our goal is to simplify the integration process, allowing you to enhance your lead management without disrupting your established operations.

Does the integration support multi-user access for collaborative lead management?
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Yes, the ERPNext-Indiamart Integration supports multi-user access, allowing collaborative lead management. Multiple team members can access and work on lead data simultaneously, fostering efficient teamwork within your organization.

What is the pricing?
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To access the Indiamart ERPNext Integrated product, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $12.

How long does the Indiamart integration installation process take?
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The installation process is swift and user-friendly. On average, it takes just a few minutes to install the Indiamart integration on your Bench or Site, allowing you to set it up in no time.

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