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Unleash the Power of ERPNext or ServiceNow to Streamline Workforce Management.


HR and payroll management for your business is quite crucial. You can enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and ensure data accuracy by automating routine activities, such as leave management, attendance tracking, and payroll calculations. 

If you are willing to leverage ERPNext for your business operations, get in touch with the skilled team at our leading ERPNext software development company to handle your HR operations management. 

As an official ERPNext partner, we specialize in delivering tailored HR and Payroll solutions that streamline your organizational processes, enhance efficiency, and elevate your workforce management to new heights.

Our HR & Payroll ERPNext implementation services are designed to cater to your organization's unique needs. With a focus on user-friendliness and process optimization, our implementation process ensures a seamless and successful transition to the powerful ERPNext platform.

Out of the Box Features of ERPNext for Streamlined Workforce Management!

Easy & Seamless Talent Acquisition
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ERPNext provides a built-in recruitment tool that helps organizations seamlessly find and hire the right talent for their personalized business requirements.

Easy Seamless Talent Acquisition

Easily plan your workforce requirements, publish job openings, and review and store relevant documents.

ERPNext keeps the entire hiring process within your budget.

End-to-end data linking between staffing plans and job openings for better management.

Manage employee data at the core
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ERPNext serves as a centralized repository for managing employee information. This centralized repository helps you track, process, and manage every employee's information at the core without much hassle leading to streamlined employee management.

Manage Employee Data At The Core

It allows you to upload and share multimedia files such as images, videos, and documents related to employee

You can upload files directly or even provide web links.

You can easily track and manage external documents associated with employees.

Employee Training
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The Human Resource Training Program module in ERPNext enables organizations to schedule and manage employee training events.

Employee Training

Businesses can automatically link the scheduled training to employee calendars with ERPNext.

All the employees can view and plan their tasks as per the calendar for untreated learning.

With ERPNext learning features, organizations can keep their teams upskilled and promote a culture of continuous learning.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
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ERPNext offers a built-in appraisal module and a dashboard of essential HR KPIs. This feature allows organizations to track employee performance and plan their appraisal based on their performance and results.

Key Performance Indicators

ERPNext helps HR managers monitor employees' journeys and identify top performers, weak performers, client satisfaction, results, etc.

With the comprehensive dashboard, companies can easily undertake processes such as salary hikes and bonuses.

It is a win-win for both employees and companies as employees are getting what they deserve, and companies can also manage the appraisal cycle without much hassle.

Attendance & Automated Payroll
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ERPNext seamlessly integrates attendance tracking with payroll and leave management for streamlined management of attendance, leaves, overtime, salary, deductions, etc.

Attendance Automated Payroll

ERPNext simplifies payroll processing along with an automated generation of individual salary slips.

It generates payslips based on time sheets with automatic validation, salary components, and predefined salary structures.

This feature saves time and effort in the payroll management process and ensures accurate and timely salary disbursements.

Expense Management
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ERPNext provides a comprehensive expense management feature that helps organizations manage expenses, travel requests, and employee advances.

Expense Management

ERPNext allows managers to view all employee expenses in one place.

The expense management feature of ERPNext helps businesses streamline approval processes and configure workflows accordingly.

This feature even eliminates manual effort for expense management and enhances transparency and control over expense claims.

Self-Onboarding & Implementation
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ERPNext provides comprehensive documentation and video tutorials that facilitate a self-guided, fast implementation process for all employees.


ERPNext allows organizations to onboard and implement ERPNext with minimal dependency on external support.s

Employees will get a comprehensive implementation guide leading to faster onboarding and enhanced employee satisfaction.

This feature reduces the costs and time spent while also ensuring a smooth transition to the new system.

The End-to-End Process we Adopt for HR & Payroll Implementation!

Implementation Requirements

Understanding Your Requirements.

The current business requirements, pain points, and needed solutions

Implementation Workflow

Evaluating your Workflow.

Going through your Current Workflow for HR & payroll

Implementation Work

Analysis of Scope of Work.

Based on your requirements & workflow, we check out your scope of work

Implementation Timeline Cost

Timeline & Cost.

After a thorough analysis of the scope of work, we give you the timeline & cost for the entire scope of Work

Implementation Delivery

Final Delivery.

Within the given timeline & costing, we deliver the Work - keeping you in the loop throughout the process, with no hidden costs.

Why Sanskar Technolab for Your HRMS Implementation Solutions?


Proven Track Record

Our track record speaks for itself. Our software development company in India have a long list of satisfied clients who have experienced remarkable transformations in our HR & payroll operations through our end-to-end implementations.


Collaborative Approach

Sanskar Technolab as renowned ERPNext implementation and consuloting company in India believe in building strong partnerships with our clients. We take the time to understand their business goals, processes, and pain points and adopt collaborative approaches with the best project management & communication tools.


Personalized Solutions

The team at Sanskar Technolab understands your business needs and provides customized solutions to meet your specific HR and payroll needs. As each organization is unique, we can tailor ERPNext to fit your requirements in achieving optimal results.


Skilled and Dedicated Team

Sanskar Technolab team stays updated with the latest industry trends and best practices with end-to-end guidance, support, and training to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.


Timely Delivery and Cost-Effectiveness

We prioritize delivering projects on time and within the agreed budget for our clients. Sanskar Technolab follows a well-defined methodology to ensure efficient project management, cost-effectiveness, and timely communication.


Comprehensive Training and Support

We don't just help with the ERP development; we believe in empowering your team with the required knowledge and skills even after the implementation is completed to ensure satisfactory results.

Don’t Take Our Word:
Let’s See What Our Customers Have Achieved With our ERPNext Implementation Solutions!

Khetan Group
Khetan Group

Khetan Group is the biggest manufacturer of Stainless Steel Pipes, Telescopic Channels, Tundish Board, and Quartz Powder, with a team of over 500+ employees. They need an updated system for managing employees. Sanskar Technolab, as ERPNext development company in India implemented modern ERPNext to streamline their tasks of bulk payments, overtime calculations, and payment automated employee management for leaves, seamless employee expenses management, etc.

Santosh Khetan

CEO, Khetan Group

urjaa group
Urjaa Group

Urjaa Group is India's leading cotton textile company, working with a mission to redefine how the world buys raw textile materials. Like any other business, effective employee management is also a challenge for Urjaa Group. They reached out to us with their own set of challenges. We implemented ERPNext and its out-of-the-box features, such as notice board, biometric integration, streamlined leave tracking & payout; Sanskar Technolab have helped them out.

Praful Vastarpara

Director, Urjaa Group

Advantis Quartz
Advantis Quartz

Advantis Quartz is a high-end flagship brand, the manufacturer of raw materials for quarries and its engineering. We reached out to the team at Sanskar Technolab through their website. They understand our requirements and prepared a detailed sheet with every task and timeline to implement the ERPNext for our business. They helped us in implementing almost every ERPNext module such as accounting, purchase, inventory, manufacturing, sales, Hr & payroll, and asset management.

Lokesh Modi

Accounts Head, Advantis Quartz

Kirti Telnet
Kirti Telnet Pvt.Ltd

Kirti Telnet is a company in data communications & networking with a large team. We wanted to streamline the employee recruitment and training process and other requirements. To make it possible, Sanskar technolab has helped us with customized HR & payroll Implementation services such as employee data management, training, performance measurements, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the ERPNext implementation process for HR and payroll typically take?
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The duration of the ERPNext implementation services for HR and payroll can vary depending on the complexity of your organization's processes, the scale of the implementation, and the customization required. On average, a well-planned implementation can take a few weeks to a few months. To get an accurate timeline of your project, you can connect with us, and based on your requirements, we will give you an exact timeline.

Do you offer ongoing support and training after the ERPNext implementation?
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We as leading ERPNext consulting and implementation company provides comprehensive support and training during and after the ERPNext implementation services. Our team will assist in data migration, system setup, and user training to ensure your team is familiar with the new system. Additionally, we offer ongoing support to address queries, provide guidance, and assist with system updates or improvements.

Can you integrate ERPNext with our existing HR systems and other software applications?
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Yes, Sanskar Technolab can help you with end-to-end ERPNext integration services with your existing HR systems or other software platforms, ensuring seamless data flow, smooth integrations, and interoperability.

Can you entirely customize ERPNext to suit our unique HR and payroll requirements?
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Yes, ERPNext is highly customizable. Sanskar Technolab, as official ERPNext partner can tailor the system to match your organization's specific HR and payroll needs. We will work closely with your team to understand your requirements and configure ERPNext accordingly, ensuring that the system aligns perfectly with your business processes.

Can you migrate my data from our existing HR and payroll systems to ERPNext?
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Yes, surely. We can help you end-to-end ERP migration services from existing HR and payroll systems to ERPNext. Our ERPNext implementation services follows a secure and well-documented migration process to ensure the safe transfer of your data. We take utmost care to maintain data integrity and confidentiality throughout the migration process.

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