Over 1000+ companies are leveraging ERPNext & ServiceNow for their retail operations!

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Streamline Retail Operations, Boost z, and Delight Customers with Sanskar Technolab!

With ever-changing demands and expanding trends, the retail industry faces tough competition to establish dependable and robust systems and processes to stay ahead of the curve and gain long-term economic benefits.

To cope with customers’ changing requirements and fast-pacing industry development, the right technology and implementation partner can assist you!  We at Sanskar Technolab leverage the best technology - ERPNext & ServiceNow backed by skilled professionals and best-in-class practices to offer streamlined solutions in the retail industry.

We thoroughly understand your retail business requirements and suggest your best tech stack with end-to-end consultation and implementations to generate the best results.

Get Better Benefits with the Best Tools and Skilled Implementation Partners!

Here’s what our customers have achieved after implementing the right tools with Sanskar Techolab for their retail operations.



increase in customer satisfaction & loyalty for your retail store business.



better management efficiency with automated billing and pricing in retail operations.



decrease in inventory costs with automated inventory retail management functionality.



boost in retail store income with end-to-end multi-store management.



better management efficiency with automated billing and pricing in retail operations.



decrease in inventory costs with automated inventory retail management functionality.

ERPNext -Full-Fledged Cloud Software with Customized Retail Modules!

Take your retail business to the next level with ERPNext's, one-of-a-kind modules and functionalities.

retail module
retail operation
Enhanced Retail Operations and Management with ERPNext & ServiceNow!
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Move to Cloud & switch to sophisticated retail management with the best tech!

Integrated Inventory management
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One of the key features of ERPNextsoftware is its integrated inventory management. It allows you to have a real-time view of product availability, stock levels across multiple warehouses, and stock transfers.


Seamless dealing with batched or serialized items.

Utilizing your device's camera to scan barcodes.

Helps you with fast stock search and retrieval.

Seamlessly manage multiple stores.
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ERPNext's retail management module offers multi-store retail management capabilities for businesses with multiple store locations.


Easy registration for new branches and begin transactions without hassle.

End-to-end configuration with specific dimensions

Access end-to-end analytics for expenses, stock movements, profits, and losses.

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Promotional schemes are another remarkable feature of ERPNext's software. It is usually designed for large-scale retailers and distributors, as this feature simplifies the management of retail discounts or margins based on different rates.


Easily configuration of item discounts for different parties or conditions.

Applicable pricing rules will adjust automatically.

It makes management of large-scale retail stores easy & straightforward.

Billing & Pricing
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Billing and pricing functionalities in ERPNext's software enable you to share invoices with your customers in just a few clicks and manage receivable payments efficiently.


The system supports payment requests and email/SMS notifications to facilitate smoother transactions.

Custom print format templates, created using HTML or Jinja templating, enable faster processing.

Offers one-time configuration for consistent and professional-looking invoices.

Automated Stock Replenishment feature
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Automated stock replenishment is valuable for preventing stock-outs and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction for retail stores. With seamless re-ordering settings, ERPNext automatically generates material requests when stock levels fall below the specified threshold.


Streamlines the process of replenishing inventory.

Ensure timely restocking.

Reduces the chances of running out of stock.

Easy customer acquisition and loyalty management
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For retail stores, customer acquisition & loyalty management is very crucial. ERPNext lets you quickly set up loyalty programs and special pricing schemes within minutes. ERPNext enables you to track personalized customer data, which helps you better manage customer decisions and level up your marketing game.


Maintain credit limits.

Track receivables

Monitor total billing

Analyze average customer revenue.

Integrate Digital Commerce as Well With Your Brick & Mortar Store!


Connect your brick & mortar store with digital commerce to streamline the management of your retail business while also accelerating the business growth and customer satisfaction.

ecommerce integration

Incorporate Your Digital Store

Shopify wix magento amazon flipkart
streamline with integration

Streamline With Integrations

POS systems, CRM, logistics, social media channels

real time notification

Real-Time Alerts

Inventory, orders, payments

better marketing

Better Marketing

Reports & Analytics, automated marketing, social media integrations

enhanced customer satisfaction

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Promotions, Discounts & Loyalty programs

Here’s everything about going digital with ERPNext & Sanskar Technolab!


Integrate with eCommerce Platforms

You can seamlessly integrate your brand with leading digital store platforms like Shopify, Wix, Magento, Amazon, and Flipkart, all powered by the robust capabilities of ERPNext.


Unlock Omnichannel Success

Harness the power of both offline and online sales channels. Offer a cohesive shopping experience that delights your customers at every touchpoint.


Real-Time Insights, Real-Time Wins

Gain valuable real-time alerts on inventory, orders, and payments. Stay ahead of the curve, optimize stock levels, and fulfill customer demands.


Smarter Marketing, Stronger Results

Unleash the full potential of your marketing efforts with ERPNext out-of-the-box features like automated marketing, easy social media integrations, etc.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

With ERPNext's integration with your digital store, you can effortlessly implement and manage promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs, ensuring an enhanced customer experience and accelerated business growth.

Elevate your retail game with the power of ERPNext. Connect your brick-and-mortar store with digital commerce and embark on a journey of success like never before.
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Why Sanskar Technolab for Your Retail Implementation Requirements?


Industry Rich Experience

As leading ERPNext implementation services provider, we deeply understand the retail industry's unique challenges and requirements. With years of experience working with retail businesses, we bring our expertise to ensure a customized implementation.


Proven Track Record

Our track record speaks for itself. Our ERP software development company have a long list of satisfied clients who have experienced remarkable transformations in their retail industry operations through our end-to-end implementations.


Collaborative Approach

We believe in building strong partnerships with our clients. We take the time to understand their business goals, processes, and pain points and adopt collaborative approaches with the best project management & communication tools.


Skilled and Dedicated Team

Sanskar Technolab’s skilled ERP developers stays updated with the latest industry trends and best practices of implementation with end-to-end guidance, support, and training to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.


Timely Delivery and Cost-Effectiveness

We prioritize delivering projects on time and within the agreed budget for our clients. Our ERP consulting and implementation partner follows a well-defined methodology to ensure efficient project management, cost-effectiveness, and timely communication.


Comprehensive Training and Support

We don't just help with the implementation; we believe in empowering your team with the required knowledge and skills even after the implementation to ensure satisfactory results.

Hear from Our Customers in a Similar Industry!

Don't take our word; hear it from our customers…


Being in the construction industry, I wanted to change the future of the construction industry with technology. So, reached out to Sanskar Technolab through one of my mutual friends. They have helped me to develop a one-of-a-kind platform for renting, buying, and selling high-duty construction equipment along with the features of CRM, insurance, etc. There is no such software in the industry, but Sanskar Technolab developed the best portal along with a mobile app at 60% lesser costs in just 4 months.

Arjun pachani


Mignesh Global
Mignesh Global

We are the supplier of so many different products such as Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsion, Base Oil, and Fuel Oil. To manage our huge client base and manage suppliers seamlessly, Sanskar technolab has helped us develop a feature-rich ERPNext portal, along with the website to streamline the supply chain operations and to market our products more effectively. Also, their team offered us great post-project support to handle bugs and support seamlessly.

Arjun Pachani

Founder, Mignesh Global

Discover the Future of Retail Management Today: Drive Growth and Success With Advanced Solutions!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I install and implement ERPNext for my retail business?
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Depending on the requirements of the business, ERPNext Retail can be installed in a variety of settings.

    There are two options to implement ERPNext Retail for your company: 
  • Cloud-based ERPNext Retail Solution: It can be hosted on the cloud, which makes it usable from any device with a connection to the internet.
  • Self-hosted ERPNext Retail Solution: This solution can be set up on a company's hardware or servers, giving retail businesses more control over their data and customization possibilities.

You can choose the right one as per your requirements.

Does Sanskar Technolab offer scalable solutions for growing retail businesses?
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Sanskar Technolab's software solutions are designed to be scalable, accommodating the needs of growing retail businesses. Whether you're adding new store locations, expanding product lines, or experiencing increased transaction volumes, our solutions can scale accordingly to support your growth.

Is ERPNext suitable for online retail businesses?
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Absolutely! ERPNext works seamlessly for both online and offline retail operations. It provides real-time inventory management, streamlined billing, and other features essential for successful online retail management.

Can Sanskar Technolab integrate its software solutions with existing systems?
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Yes, Sanskar Technolab's software solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and infrastructure. Whether it's integrating with an existing ERP system or e-commerce platform, their solutions ensure smooth data flow and centralized management across various platforms.

When to opt for ServiceNow for my retail operations?
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ServiceNow is suitable for retail business management when you need to scale operations, enhance customer service, streamline IT service management, optimize employee workflows, make data-driven decisions, and integrate with existing systems.

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