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Client’s expectations from Sanskar Technolab!

Here is the thorough information of what the client wanted from us as a services provider.

Property Finder is the biggest property real estate platform In the UAE. It focuses on providing access to a range of for-sale and rental residential and business properties. The organization wanted to recompile and revitalize its current processes at some stage and they were searching for a top-notch DevOps partner to support them.

During the configuration method, the Program House was picked to cooperate. We have been interested in several additional web development projects since demonstrating ourselves with DevOps resources.

Initially, we were requested to update and refine some of the current service and administration panel’s extended functionality. We were then tasked to build an entirely new framework and its API.


The solution Sanskar offered to client!

The client asked us to offer the services, and here is the thorough information of how we have helped them in development their desired platform named property finder which is now helping millions of people in UAE.

After handing over the service modules that we would be requested to revitalize, we found that they would be rather outdated, focused on rendering on the client-side, and quite sluggish. That is why updating the current elements was the very first task we would have to do. We upgraded the latest release of PHP and React and wanted to add a powerful TypeScript language.

Afterward, to ensure that it functions as needed, we repaired and updated server-side processing. Sanskar have changed it to make the system run quicker. We also implemented lazy loading to independently load all sections-it shortened the processing speed of property finder considerably.

We had to schedule it all with the foregoing new information and its API. We opted to go for the latest PHP update, the Symfony system, and we selected PostgreSQL to be among the most sophisticated servers.

We focused the frontend portion of the system on TypeScript and React to have the nicest possible language. In addition, we have written several comprehensive automatic checks to ensure that all the modules work correctly and safely.


The services we have offered them

The complete business analysis

DevOps development

Web development



Technologies we have used





The Impact

The impact of our Services.

Below are the detailed information of how our services has an impact over thier business.

The preliminary data was largely positive which resulted in collaboration becoming even closer.

Beginning with a bit of help with DevOps services, we have accomplished an enormous challenge for property finder.

Challenge to build a whole new platform through the comprehensive redesign and enhancement of the current components.

The software is currently conducting trials and various users in the entire area are confirmed to be using it.

The Software House is also cooperating with the system to ensure that their offerings are provided to the highest standards.

Feedback by the client.

The client received the overwhelming response from their users on the property finder, and gave its credit to our company. We are more than happy when clients receive such an amazing response on our developed platforms.

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